My hand-crafted cake toppers are made of a non-toxic modelling medium called Artista Soft.  They are extremely light weight, non-breakable and will last a lifetime!  My cake toppers are ideal as a personalized wedding cake ornament, birthday cake topper or any other celebration.

The figures are approx 5 – 6″ tall, standing on a clear acrylic disc which can be placed onto an iced cake or simply displayed on a table with desserts, cheese displays or cupcake towers.

The fantastic feature of these toppers is their durability.  The texture of them is like a material/foam feel and they will not wilt in the heat or become damp as some sugar figures can do.  They are also light enough to pop on top of a sponge cake without having to dowel every part of the cake underneath (which I remember being a nightmare if a Bride gave me a heavy clay topper to put on her wedding cake!)

All toppers can be personalised to your colours, attire, flowers and hair colour. Any photos and information you can provide for these would be required when ordered, or as soon as you have these available.

You are welcome to make an appointment to come & see the style of my toppers in person at my home studio or simply order through my website.